8 useful tips to decorate your bedroom.

8 Useful Tips to Decorate Your Bedroom:


No doubt, the bedroom is one of the most important parts of a home. It’s our private haven, a place to relax and be ourselves; a place to have some rest, peace and quiet after a long and hectic day, far away from the world’s stress and tensions. Basically, a bedroom is a sanctuary for many of folks.

For a lot of people, the bedroom is a reflection of your taste and personal choices; therefore it’s important that the décor properly reflect your personality, feelings and maybe your secret love of colors.

In this article, we shall be sharing some amazing tips and ideas which can help you make your bedroom a room straight out of an Agricultural Digest magazine.

So let’s get it:            

  1. Comfy Bed

The first thing of importance is the bed because of course a bedroom isn’t a bedroom without a bed in it, right? I mean that’s why it’s called a BEDROOM in the first place. The most significant thing to consider when choosing a bed is comfort. You want to make sure the bed is cozy, classy and comfortable. Ensure there’s lots of space to maneuver between the bed and the wall. You should also have only necessary things like bedside lamp, a dresser, bed side table and maybe a chair? You need to keep things minimum or you risk cluttering your room.

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  1. Wall Color:

The color(s) of your walls matter a great deal and it’s really important to choose a soothing and soft toned color. Instead of going bold and bright, it’s better to pick soothing and calming shades like green, blue, beige green, pale yellow-green, gray paired with white and pink. These colors are calm are considered calm and serene and will help put you in a comfortable mood since science says colors have a huge impact on us psychologically. If you have a favorite color, you can pick subtle tones of it.

  1. Lighting

Getting your bedroom lighting perfect is essential in having a good night rest. Choose soft accent lights that will illuminate the walls and help showcase its subtle colors.

Also, having adjustable switch for each light will make it easier for you to light up areas you want. Avoid picking overly bright or harsh ambient lights for your bedroom. If you love reading or working in bed, then consider low hanging lamps or bed side lamps.

Our Nyssa Table Lamp with Rhinestone accents is the perfect choice for all those who want to flip through a Nora Robert novel while sipping hot cocoa in bed. This lamp is made of metal and acrylic with a silver and light plum finish. With just the right amount of bling, the drum shade keeps the lamp looking modern.

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  1. Wall Décor

Art is one of the key components that increase the aesthetic pleasure and beauty of the bedroom. When decorating your bedroom, one thing to keep in mind is space. You don’t want your bedroom looking clustered and over decorated. Going simple but classy is definitely the best option.  Since the bedroom wall décor play a critical role in maintaining the overall mood you’re trying to create, its best to choose a décor that appeals most to your personality and taste. So, whatever mood you’re trying to create, ensure you pick the right art that elegantly conveys it.

The Whaline 6 Pack Abstract Line Minimalist Art Poster is simple but elegant and will brighten the overall appearance of your room.

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  1. Curtains

The selection of curtains also influences the overall aesthetics of the room. It shows your room’s main theme, so finding a compatible curtain is very much essential. Although curtains might not take up space as much as a piece of furniture, finding the right ones can help determine whether or not your bedroom looks drab and ugly. Curtains add a more personal touch, style, charm and boldness of the room. Therefore it is best to pick curtains that match the room’s general mood and aesthetic. You can never go wrong with a canopy or window curtain in luxurious silk or velvet.

The Nicetown Pitch Black Solid Thermal Insulated Grommet Blackout curtain is designed with quality fabric to block out every single ray of light. But beware; you might oversleep thinking it’s still midnight.

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  1. Luxurious Linen

Nothing gives more comfort than sleeping on an extremely luxurious and soft sheet. So when setting out to buy your beddings, it’s ok to splurge on a nice sheet that feels like it came right out of a 5 star hotel. You definitely won’t regret buying a 100% cotton sheet or a high thread count sheet. For a more deluxe and lavish feeling, throw in cashmere or soft mohair and you would drift off the moment your body hit the bed.

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  1. Closet:

The closet is a necessary affair since they help keep our clothes and accessories organized and easily accessible. There are quite a number of things to consider when it comes to creating the perfect closet; space, décor, layout etc.

So, with all that in mind, you can start by putting your clothing into different piles, use containers and hanging hooks to keep things neat and orderly. A shoe rack will also come in handy and will make it easier to put on your favorite boots without hassle.

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  1. Flowers:

A little greenery can go a long way in helping you achieve that soothing feeling you are trying to achieve in your bedroom. A house plant is definitely suitable for a bedroom and if your room has a window, then placing a Peace Lily or a Gerber Daisy would do just fine.

Maybe you’re the type who doesn’t have a lot of time to nurture and water plants, then our NPL Farmhouse Mini Artificial Decorator Plants With Pots is the perfect choice for you. These mini artificial plants are a great addition to your bedroom space. It is extremely realistic, sleek and will make a great centerpiece.

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Our rooms are our safe haven and no doubt we wish to furnish them tastefully and so we hope these tips have been useful in helping you create the perfect bedroom of your choice without breaking your wallet.


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