12 essential tools to complete your kitchen.

12 essential tools to complete your kitchen

For some, cooking is fun and an enjoyable affair while for another percentage, cooing is a total nightmare. This might be because purchasing cookware is an ordeal because everywhere we look, there are just too many to pick from and it’s difficult to separate the quality items from the junks.

This article will provide 12 essential must-have tools you need to complete your kitchen and improve your cooking experience.

 Chef’s Knife

Using a cheap Chef’s knife for cooking can be frustrating because it can’t even slice through the softest of bread neatly (talking from experience). Upgrading to a high quality Chef’s knife will give you a sharper and easier cutting. It comes in different designs, price and will serve you for many years.

Cutting Boards

Another basic kitchen tool you need is a good and quality cutting board. If you’re the type that loves chopping, dicing and mincing, you will need a durable, odor-resistant and long lasting cutting board.


Measuring Cups and Spoon

Tired of over seasoning your meals? Measuring cups and spoon help you get the precise and accurate cooking ingredients. So, why not throw in a set of measuring cups and spoons into your cart when next you go shopping?


A colander is an important piece for draining- pasta, vegetables, salad green etcetera. It is advisable to get well designed and durable colanders with non-slip handles.


A spatula is a wide, flat, flexible blade used for turning, mixing and spreading. A spatula is made from stainless steel while its handle is made of plastic making it a good insulator for heat.


Juicing an orange or lemon is easy, right? Wait until all the seeds start falling into your food. To solve this hassle, get a quality citrus juicer to do all the juicing and squeezing you need. A quality juicer can help extract juice from fruits, herbs and vegetables while using minimum effort to extract maximum juice.


If you want to flip meat easily and like a chef, a good pair of tong will come in handy. Tongs can handle all types of food. Be sure to buy tongs with silicone tip and high heat resistance to prevent scratching and melting.


Blenders will make a great addition to your kitchen if you love making soups, sauces, smoothies, fruit juice or dips. A powerful and stylish blender is definitely a must-have.

Food Storage Containers

It’s hard to keep food fresh for several days and this is where food storage containers come in. A high quality eco-friendly storage container can help you store your food (even cooked meals) so it stays fresh for days. You can also store ingredients, herbs, spices and condiments.

Baking Sheet Pans

A baking pan can be used for roasting and baking. So, if you feel like roast pork or some cheesecake, a high quality aluminum baking pan will whip up a tasty meal. It also comes in different sizes.


If you love pastas (I do!), soups, stews or sauce a high quality stainless non-stick saucepan is essential. It comes in varying sizes so just go for one you feel comfortable cooking with.

Rice Cooker

Rice is a staple and common dish (and a particular favorite of mine). A rice cooker helps you cook perfectly all types of rice- brown, white or Basmati. Rice cookers come with precise measurements so it’s easy for you to cook your rice without burning or overcooking.

Final Note

It is important to have good and durable cooking utensils because in the long run, it makes cooking easier and your items last long.

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