7 genius ways to decorate a small house.

7 genius ways to decorate a small house

Decorating small places can be a bit of a challenging task, as the space is limited, and you have to adjust everything in there. It has a few drawbacks, but it also gives you a chance to be innovative and pitch in your unique ideas. However, with the invention of fold-up furniture and beds with built drawers and storage spaces, it has become a relatively easier task. In this article, we will share some amazing tips that will help you decorate your small space in the most attractive way possible.

  1. Declutter Your Place:

Decluttering a place or clearing is up is synonymous with creating space. And space in living rooms and homes is essential. Even if your home is small, the importance of adequate space cannot be denied. The place looks too congested if you keep everything on the floor. So, space is there to help you walk easily and not create a mess by bumping into things. However, there is a little trick to create space. Floating pieces, such as nightstands and shelves, not only create a space; rather, they make the interior look very classy. It can be applied for the hanging lights too. You can save space by avoiding floor lamps and replacing them with wall lights.

  1. Install Folding Furnishings:

To make your home look classic while accomodating everything essential, it is important, you go for the things that either consume small space or can be folded up. Yes, go for the folding furnishings, and save your space. Dining tables or desks are not required to be there 24/7, so you can shop for furniture that can be folded up when not in use. In the case of one wall kitchen, folding doors can also help conceal clutter. You can look up such furnishings online or buy them from a store.

You can also opt for a bed with in-built drawers or benches. These provide you extra storage place and save space.

  1. Rugs and Mirrors:

Small places usually do not have many windows that make the place look very dark and sometimes make it overwhelming. In such a scenario, you will find mirrors helpful. They are your friend. They will create an illusion and make space feel bigger by a few more square feet. You can hang mirrors on one wall in some pattern or install some on different walls. They will serve the purpose wonderfully. Mirrors also make the place look bright by reflecting the light, which is also a bonus.

Rugs are also equally important. However, choose them wisely. Small rugs make the room look even smaller; therefore, go for a rug that covers most of the floor, and lots of furniture can sit on it as well. You can also choose a rug that will go to the wall.

  1. Never hesitate with lightings:

As we have already mentioned, small spaces look rather darker than huge places because of the lack of windows. Therefore, they add up lots of lights source to compensate for the lack of natural light. Mirrors will increase the brightness by reflecting these lights.

Try to add a light source in every room, from the bedroom to the kitchen. Depending on your ceiling height, go for striking ceiling fixtures. A pretty pendant or elegant flush amount, and table lamps or simple light walls will create a bright and cozy environment.

  1. Choose your Furniture Wisely:

Furniture arrangements can be a bit challenging for small houses, but at the same time, it’s easier to decorate smaller houses. Sounds confusing, right? We will explain to it how it is done. The main rule is, that choose the furniture that fits the place but do not squeeze too much in.

Accent chairs, for example, look and feel light. Armless chairs can be a good choice since we are looking for furniture items that would not take much of a space and look bulky. Transparent chairs, also known as ghost chairs, also look amazing and save up space.

Sofa: In the sofa, the use of a sectional sofa and a coffee table provides a great look. However, to save your space, a convertible sofa also gives the interior a great look. It can also be transformed into a comfortable bed.

  1. Monochromatic Tones:

The monochromatic color scheme provides many benefits. It creates a visually cohesive and harmonious look. It makes your house look light and refreshing. Moreover, it focuses the viewer’s attention on the content. This also makes the house look neat and makes you jump up for decluttering as soon as there is any.

  1. Statement Pieces:

The final touch for your house comes from art. You can choose any statement pieces; it can be art or any other accessory. In this case, stick with the colors that complement your wall colors and the house’s overall theme color.

You may also need to decide on a focal point for your statement piece. Certain pieces are secondary and are supporting elements. Supporting elements include mirrors, end tables, or nightstands, etc.

However, if you want your statement piece to stand out and draw everyone’s attention, try and fit in the main part of the room, such as a sofa, or bed, etc.

While you are still at it, another thing to keep in mind is the balance. Keep scale in your mind while decorating your interior. Combining a very large piece with a small one will make it look out of place and cause imbalance.

Last but not least, do not forget to fit in some plants in your house. A piece of nature always adds to the beauty of a place.



We compiled a few tips and tricks for decorating a small house or an apartment for your ease and better understanding. But these are only suggestions. It is your house, and only you rule it. So do not lose your unique taste and sense of style while you are working on the interior. We are hopeful that you find it helpful. Thank you for reading this article. Take care!



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